Hello world!

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We’re Hyasynth, a synthetic biology startup out of Montreal, Canada. And, we’re happy to announce that we’re a part of the Synbio Axlr8r in Cork, Ireland. This means that we have funding and mentorship, to kick our project into motion.

Who we are:

We’re a group of synthetic biologists and biochemists that love to engineer biology. We first met through Bricobio, Montreal’s DIY/Community Biology laboratory. Our interest in pursuing new ideas and finding new ways to do science is what united us. Our team has a desire to explore deeper into the realm of synthetic biology and develop new, innovative technologies that push the boundaries of what we know today.

Individual profiles are on the way!

What we’re doing:

Our primary goal is the production of natural cannabinoid compounds in a cheaper, and easier way than from plants. Cannabinoids are currently being used as physician-prescribed treatments for multiple sclerosis, pain and epilepsy. In these cases, there are often no alternatives that exist aside from medicinal marijuana, which, when smoked, doesn’t always provide the purity and selectivity that is desirable to treat disease. We’re striving to provide an accessible and specifically designed source for these kinds of treatments which will also accelerate new research initiatives using these and related compounds.

Why we’re doing it:

The future of biology will be crafted by responsible, disruptive innovation. The tools and potential are there. Our passion is to push the boundaries of technology and find new ways to save, improve and extend human life, whether that means targeting disease, revolutionising manufacturing or, tackling environmental issues. We want to drive this innovation through an open culture of shared knowledge and benefit for all.

An official press release can be found here.

Photo: Kevin Chen presenting at Bricobio’s home brewing workshop